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Hanson Van Vleet is a full-service geologic and hydrogeologic consulting firm with vast experience in groundwater supply exploration and development.  Company founders Mr. Eric Hanson and Mr. Kirby Van Vleet have over 50 years combined experience as professional environmental consultants.  Our technical staff offers extensive groundwater and water supply services, including dewatering, groundwater supply, groundwater resource exploration and development, aquifer evaluations, water well design and construction and well field management services. 

Our client base for these services is typically towns, cities and villages, as well as private companies throughout New York State.  Hanson Van Vleet personnel have located and developed numerous groundwater sources, predominately in eastern New York State.   For example, our personnel have been involved in the evaluation and or development of groundwater resources for a number of local communities or water services, including Town of Wilton, Village of Schuylerville, Saratoga Water Services, Town of Niskayuna, Town of Long Lake, and Town of Wells. 


Our Service Areas include:

  • Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Groundwater Source Development
  • Geotechnical Evaluations
  • Aquifer Testing and Evaluation
  • Wellfield Maintenance
  • Wellhead Protection
  • Well Development and Testing
  • Fracture Trace Analysis
  • Fate and Transport Analysis
  • Physical and Chemical Characterization
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Environmental Site Assessment

Whether one obtains water from a rural or public water supply or a private well, wasted water is money down the drain.  Here are some tips to help preserve our State's water supply:

  • Fixing leaky faucets and plumbing joints saves 20 gallons per day for every leak stopped

  • Shortening your showers by one or two minutes can save up to 700 gallons per month

For more tips on water conservation, visit the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation's website:






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