Company Profile

Hanson Van Vleet, LLC (Hanson Van Vleet) provides a wide range of geological, hydrogeological, and hydrologic services to municipal, state and commercial clients.  With several specialists in hydrogeology on staff, Hanson Van Vleet offers extensive groundwater and water supply services, including groundwater supply resource exploration and development; well field rehabilitation and design; and aquifer testing and evaluation.  In addition to its hydrogeologic services, Hanson Van Vleet offers a comprehensive environmental site assessment program, providing Phase I, II and III site assessments for commercial and residential properties.  Hanson Van Vleet  also offers services in remedial investigation and feasibility studies; landfill siting and investigations; and regulatory compliance audits.

Specialty Area

  • Water Resource Services
  • Site Assessment & Investigation
  • Soil & Groundwater Remediation


  • States, Counties & Municipalities
  • Commercial & Industrial Businesses
  • Private Individuals


Hanson Van Vleet is a proud member of American Water Works Association, National Groundwater Association and the New York Rural Water Association.